Wednesday, February 19, 2014

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Since 2014 we wanted to make a change....with that said, we are making a move to a NEW Platform, with a NEW Layout, with some NEW Surprises

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Interchangeable & Multi-Functional Swimwear

How many times have you liked a swimsuit but didn't love everything about it?  You might have loved the top but not the bottoms?  Or loved the bottoms but felt the top wouldn't be flattering on you?  And isn't it the worst if the print or color of a suit came in just that ONE style?  Well, here at UjENA, you won’t have this problem.  Most of our prints and ALL of our solid colored suits are offered in multiple styles so you can mix and match to find your “perfect” suit.  If you happen to find a suit you love while shopping on but don’t happen to love everything about it, don’t give up and stop looking.  We are sure to have YOUR perfect combination.  Looking for a full coverage bottom but a skimpy top?  Maybe we don’t have the exact combination pictured online?  Not to worry, all of our suits can be mixed and matched with each other so we are not always picking what  we think will look good on you,  but rather leave that  decision to you. Our goal is to make you look and feel your very best, while our job is to design swimwear that meets the needs of every woman, every body type and every fashion style in mind.  So come shop with us at and let us help you find the swimsuit of your dreams.  We have something for every body…we are your favorite swimwear company!

Mix with Prints ♥

Match with Solids ♥
Relax in Style ♥ 

 Lets get to Use code 1985 at checkout to receive $10 off your order♥ 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Honeymoon Ready Swimsuits

Typically, for your first marriage you wear white on your special day, so why not honeymoon in it too? We're not talking about the sexy white lingerie for your honeymoon suit, I mean we can help you out in that department also ;) BUT were wanting YOU  to find that  AMAZING, WHITE Swimsuit (or two) that lets everyone know that YOU, Yes "You" are on your Honeymoon. The key to finding the perfect all-white honeymoon swimsuits is to look for simple, sexy and to sooo many of our own to be wed, UjENA Designers sat back to come up with the perfect 2014 Honeymoon Collection  for ALL women and for ALL body types! 
So with further ado I present to you UjENA 2014 Honeymoon Collection! 

To see more of UjENA 2014 Honeymoon Collection please visit the web at 
Happy Shopping! 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

UjENA Vintage

It has been known that certain styles seem to re-gain their popularity and come back as a trend after several decades have past.  That is why today, vintage clothing, especially swimwear is so popular in 2014.  This is not only due to history but because designers are now adding their own touches to these classic styles which is making pin-up clothing so unique and more popular than ever!  And, this is exactly what we have done here at UjENASwimwear.  We’ve taken glamorous bombshell style bikinis and classic 1-PC’s and added our own flare. Whether it be manufacturing these styles in modern, bold prints or even in the classic black and white polka dots, we’ve gone as far as re-creating the “vintage look” with a modern edge while keeping in mind what will look great on ALL different body types.  We live in a time where usually everyone wants the newest, the latest and greatest, but for some reason, popularity is growing towards sporting something that your grandmother used to wear but in a hip and fashionable way.  It always feels good to be able to “escape” back into an era that takes you away from the stresses of the twenty-first century while continuing to make you look super amazing!  

So, here at UjENASwimwear, we like to be able to take you to wherever you may want to go.  Pick a style...we have vintage, animal prints, sexy, patriotic, solid fabrics, neon fabrics, fashion suits, crochet bikinis, anything you can pretty much imagine, we have it.  Come and see why we can say: A little bit sexyA little bit sassyA lot about EVERY woman.  Check out our vintage swimwear along with hundreds of other styles at

Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 Design Inspiration

This season's design inspiration is.....YOU, our customers! 

Get the scoop from UjENA's President and Designer on this season's 2014 Swim collection. Flutter tops and florals, animal prints and Resort Luxury... gorgeous fabrics and trims all pulled together to create suits for the Everyday woman. 

Hand-cut and sewn in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Get Floppy with UjENA


UjENA Model Trisha vacations in Palm Springs

Clear blue sky, warm sand, refreshing ocean and a pineapple umbrella-topped Pina Colada in your hand. 

What's missing? 
The perfect SUNSHINE attire....just like any outfit from the closet you would not leave without an accessory SO your swimwear should be no different!  Accessories are going to be the main attraction this spring break and summer season. When you add beach jewelry, or a fun floppy hat to your UjENA Bikini, your swimwear will not go unnoticed. 

We all know of the beautiful Sofia Vergara from Modern Family on ABC and she looks stunning in her classy royal blue one piece while accessorizing with her matching floppy hat and sarong. 
We her look from head to toe so why not "Get the look" with UjENA. You may not be a celebrity but we sure can make you feel as you are one! 
UjENA High Cut Monroe is perfect for ALL body types and if you prefer it in a more vibrant color....well you can always Design Your Own in a Custom Color.....soooo get your suit, the floppy hat, add some studs in your ears and Let's Hit the Beach Together!