Lamborghini Huracan Review

The all-new LP 610-4 Huracan take over for the Lamborghini Gallardo out as "entry-level" supercar. Its styling is outrageous and blistering performance of the track is in the best tradition of Lamborghini, the Italian car but also made from the point of the cake in the luxury and comfort of high-tech features are enough to make Huracan less than a raging bull in everyday driving situations.

With fierce, fighter jet-inspired lines and a full contingent of gaping air intakes, it is impossible to mistake for anything except 2015 Lamborghini Huracan. There is more than enough muscle to support the view threatened, with 5.2-liter V10 mounted amidships produces 601 horsepower at 8,250 rpm and 413 lb shout-ft of torque at 6500 rpm.

Lamborghini Huracan Review

Lamborghini fast Huracan. How fast? Fast enough that if you jump off a cliff, you're not going to reach 60 miles per hour pretty soon after Huracán can do it in a flat stretch of sidewalk. Car and Driver clocked Lambo's latest 0-to-60 runs in 2.5 seconds, which means that you are basically experiencing a greater acceleration of gravity, but the new new vector - forward, toward the horizon.

Any other talent have this car, his personality is determined by its straight-line performance. It sucks the wind out of you, as if the dust V10 engine exhalations of the chest and the catalyst them to howl swelling which will dampen the air raid sirens.

The Huracán (pronounced ah-ur-CAN) replaces Gallardo, a car that enjoys running 10 years and more than 14,000 sales - the most expensive Lamborghini is, not surprisingly, the company's most popular models ever.

Gallardo is screaming 200 M.P.H. wedge, but hampered by a 6-speed manual transmission clunky single-clutch automatic. You can make a cappuccino in the time it takes to switch from first to second, and drink in the time it takes to get into the third. There are many differences between Huracán and its predecessors; transmission is the most immediately visible.

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